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Rain (or Shine).

Hello everyone! So it’s been raining and although I like the rain, I also dislike it because it can make me super lazy. Yesterday was my rest/(lazy) day, which I kinda feel guilty for lol, but I am only human right? I haven’t workout out yet, I’ll probably go walk the dogs after work. Meh, I feel like I’m falling off track here.. it’s just so hard, does anyone feel the same? I guess this is why you have to be strong and find that inner strength to stick with it. Deep breaths, if I can start this journey, YOU can too 🙂

For some of you that have gym memberships or even just a treadmill, I’ve come across some awesome workouts from FitSugar that I’d like to share! (treadmills are also fantastic and “excuse-proof” when it comes to rainy weather)

For beginners this is an awesome 40-minute walking/running workout (I love this because it’s just perfect if I just need a lighter workout): Treadmill Workout for Beginners

If you’re ready to do a longer workout, this 60-minute walk-jog workout is great! (I like this because it’s not too exhausting, but I feel amazing after): Walk/Jog Treadmill Workout

Lastly, if you’re feeling great and want to do a little more, this is an excellent 30-minute interval running workout. (I love interval training, it just gets the heart pumping and is more intense because of the speed changes): Treadmill Pyramid Intervals



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