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I’m back.

Let’s hope it’s for good! I do apologize 😦 it’s been years. So much has been going on in my life, and now i’m starting to find a happy medium.

I recently got into running charitable events & that has been keeping me busy (minus school and work). I’m really hoping to re-new this blog. I would love to take anyone that happens to stumble upon here on my fitness journey (don’t worry, i’ll try my best to keep the informative reviews and fun stuff up to date as well!)

These past couple of years have been rough, & my body has (unfortunately) had to pay the price. There was stress, school, work, relationships, etc. The list goes on, and before I knew it I had gained over 50 pounds. It’s amazing, yet odd how you dont even notice how or when the pounds accumulated. Then all of a sudden, BAM, you don’t fit into clothes that used to fit, and that number on the scale is unbearable to look at. I’m still confused as to what the heck went wrong, but I do know that I’m guilty of not watching or caring about what went into my body.

Also, I’ve lost a very dear person in my life recently, which has caused me to hit rock bottom. I have spent countless nights drinking with friends and eating out almost everyday.. just to forget the pain I hold in my heart.

But I can’t do this to myself anymore, and I’m ready to change. I want to eat healthier, think healthier, and be healthier. This is my epiphany.

So if anyone out there is going through a similar situation or have any helpful tips or even some motivation to push this way, please feel free to share! My main goal here is to keep track of my progress, share new things I discover about how to live a healthy lifestyle (recipes, workouts, etc.)

Oh, and about my rekindled love of running.. I’ve recently done the Pasadena Kaiser Permanente 10k in May, Pasadena Awesome 80s 10k run in September (i think), and the Women’s Nike Half Marathon in San francisco. I take pride in finishing all of these because they’re such big accomplishments, plus I love meeting new people and enjoying the scenic routes! I’m pretty much addicted, and the next ones I’m running are the Live Ultimate 10k and the Hollywood Half Marathon. I love doing runs that support a good cause, theres nothing like helping others..while getting fit!

I’m really excited about sharing this journey with everyone, cheers to living a healthy life 🙂


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