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Belated Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the MIA action, I’ve been out of town. I hope everyone’s New Years was just as amazing as mine! 🙂

It’s that time to start off with a clean slate & I know everyone has their New Years resolutions, but the common mistake is trying to start with the bigger changes rather than just taking it step by step. Losing weight is a popular resolution for many (including myself), and this time i’m going to start with small changes (for example, choosing a salad instead of a heavy appetizer like spinach dip, mmm). Also, with healthier eating you’ve gotta exercise!

here’s a cool image i stumbled upon for a quick daily workout:


Cheers to a fantastic and healthy year!


What are some of YOUR New Years resolutions?


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Sunday Afternoon.

Hello everyone! I’m recovering from a little cold, which sucks, but you gotta keep on truckin’ 🙂 Yesterday I watched the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight (so sad Manny lost, but that knockout was intense lol). My younger cousin decided to google “hashtags” about Pacquiao and about an hour later (maybe even less) there were 48,000 memes and such comical things about the knockout. I’ve got to admit, some of them were pretty clever.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is safe, healthy, & doing well! I know it’s the holidays and it’s hard to stick with working out and eating healthy (which is still kinda hard for me too!), but fit in a little daily activity like walking your dog, dancing like a maniac for 5 minutes (alone of course), or cleaning the house (desperate times call for desperate measures lol). Remember, “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind” 🙂

Lastly, I’m gunna leave you all with this awesome pasta sauce recipe that I happened to stumble upon: Creamy Avocado Pasta

IMG_20121017_211938 2

I made this last night, and it was so delicious! I love avocado and this was such a great pasta sauce, it was creamy, zesty, and just flavorful. I used regular thin spaghetti, and for the amazing piece of salmon there, I heated up some extra virgin olive oil in a pan, placed the thawed filet of salmon in, seasoned it with a little garlic salt, lemon, and pepper. After its halfway cooked, I like to add fresh minced garlic (I don’t add it in the beginning because it ends up being super burned when the salmon is finished). I let the salmon sit with the fresh garlic so that all the flavors are absorbed (Mmm, I’m getting hungry just typing this lol). For additional flavor, you can make a tartar sauce or (what I personally love & prefer) caramelized onions (you can follow these steps: caramelized onions) I also like to add a little soy sauce and garlic to the onions for more flavor. Enjoy with a nice glass of wine & bon appétit!

I hope you all enjoy this awesome recipe! Stay safe & have a great day, Cheers!

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Rain (or Shine).

Hello everyone! So it’s been raining and although I like the rain, I also dislike it because it can make me super lazy. Yesterday was my rest/(lazy) day, which I kinda feel guilty for lol, but I am only human right? I haven’t workout out yet, I’ll probably go walk the dogs after work. Meh, I feel like I’m falling off track here.. it’s just so hard, does anyone feel the same? I guess this is why you have to be strong and find that inner strength to stick with it. Deep breaths, if I can start this journey, YOU can too 🙂

For some of you that have gym memberships or even just a treadmill, I’ve come across some awesome workouts from FitSugar that I’d like to share! (treadmills are also fantastic and “excuse-proof” when it comes to rainy weather)

For beginners this is an awesome 40-minute walking/running workout (I love this because it’s just perfect if I just need a lighter workout): Treadmill Workout for Beginners

If you’re ready to do a longer workout, this 60-minute walk-jog workout is great! (I like this because it’s not too exhausting, but I feel amazing after): Walk/Jog Treadmill Workout

Lastly, if you’re feeling great and want to do a little more, this is an excellent 30-minute interval running workout. (I love interval training, it just gets the heart pumping and is more intense because of the speed changes): Treadmill Pyramid Intervals


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