sweet tooth.

May 2, 2009 <3 Lin

ooops, i accidentally deleted my post on April 2o, 20o9. here it is.

it’s been a while, but finally here i am. so i found some pretty cool dessert places that i think are definitely worth checking out. enjoy!

1. Sugar Fix.

When i saw this place, oh my i fell in love! if you love cupcakes (like i do!) then you will for sure love this place.


located in pasadena, CA.

telephone #: (626) 573-9011

check more out @ www.sugarfixdesserts.com

2. Millions of Milkshakes.

Apparently a lot of celebs love stopping by this funky milkshake bar to grab a quick one, which gives you all the more reason to go check what the buzz is all about yourself!


8910 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood,
California 90069

telephone: (213) 38-shake

3. Diddy Riese Cookies.

What can i say about this place? it’s worth your while and you definitely get a bang for your buck! Their cookies are only 35 cents each and they’re absolutely delicious, oh AND you can build yourself an ice cream cookie sandwich for ONLY $1.50!




located in Westwood, CA.

find out more @ diddy riese cookies.

4. Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar.

For all those individuals over 21 years of age, i would recommend that you check out this one of a kind place. Although this hot spot is known for their numerous amounts of assorted champagne, dessert wines, and mouth watering desserts, this place also serves brunch and dinner which makes it the perfect place for a cute date :)




check out more @ http://www.popchampagnebar.com.

Au Revoir.

– Lin


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