May 2, 2009 <3 Lin

as many people would agree, i think this world despirately needs change. for the better that is. i’ve been observing and keeping up with worldwide news for the past couple of months and what can i say, things are changing drastically. not only in our US economy, but around the entire world. it’s like dominos, with one downfall comes an effect.

and so as we are living in the “recession” of the US economy, the only question is, how can we better this situation? what can we do to help our economy? well we can do numerous things to help, it just starts with one step.

like many can agree, at one point i really didnt care about our economy. but if you look at the whole picture and not your own, you cant help but notice the sudden changed that are occurring in our lives today. many people have lost their jobs, many stores have gone out of business, and to top it off it is now requiredthat we cut down water usage by 15%, it may not seem like it, but that’s a lot.

anyway, my point is that it’s time to take a step towards change. any little thing you do can play the greatest role in helping our economy get back in the game..

i say, GO GREEN!

here are some sites that will help you take a step towards helping out:

make a difference, go green.



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