March 24, 2009 <3 Lin

so i came across some pretty cool new technology gadgets and concepts.

1.  GoPro Hero Wide Sports Camera.



this camera is small, waterproof, and has a 170-degree wide-angle lens.

the best thing is that its $200, which isn’t that bad!

i love photography and this seems like the perfect way to capture the most candid snapshots on the go.

read more about this gadget @: GoPro Hero Wide Sports Camera.

2. Dockable Desktop Radio Friend for Mac Mini.


this is a concept by designer Sebastian Sauvage that basically takes the iPod dock concept and maximizes it for the Mac Mini, with a stackable (and very retro) radio receiver module and two Mini-esque speakers.

i love the design and lighting it’s simple, unique, and appealing to the eye.

3.  Nokia 7205 Intrigue.

im not much of a flip phone person [honesly, it’s kind of outdated] but this flip phone actually looks pretty cool and futuristic.


check out its cool features @: Nokia 7205 Intrigue.

4. EGGo : An Egg Shaped Mobile Compact Kitchen.


you can take it with you basically anywhere. it even has a water reservation tank, gas chamber, sink, and burner. it’s perfect for outdoor cooking or camping trips.

5. Powered Electric Body Board.



this cool gadget is an electric powered water board designed by Kevin O’Doherty. it has a 12V rechargeable battery and can go underwater. solar panels are also integrated into the board to allow for trickle charging during periods of non-use which extends the use of a single battery by 30%.

6. BMW Snug.



SNUG is a concept that aims toward building community. it’s a simple, fun object, designed for people who appreciate personal relationships, people who are different from the others, in their opinions and in their feelings. This multiplicity of emotions gives birth to an intention of self-expression able to make well-being and happiness blossom, trying to recover the values which are otherwise slowly vanishing in our world.

Some technical parameters:
– 4 seater interior which can be used as a living room
– changeable graphics on the side to be more unique
– fuel cell

interesting concept, let’s hope it may help the future world.

7.  Mercury Skate.


this is a pretty cool concept. it’s pretty much the future of rollerblading.

it’s supposed to have a smoother ride than the now “old school” rollerblades and

decreases the skater’s fatigue. but really? decrease fatigue? less calories burned,

less effort. what has this world come to. everything is so convenient. hah.

8. Futuristic Audi Shark Sports Car Concept.



flying cars still amaze me.

more info @: Audi Shark Sports Car Concept.

9. NV Bed by Karim Rashid.



this bed is just a dream. i would love to have one of these to sleep on.

it has an adjustable sleep system, enhances storage capacity, and also has an iPod dock!

10. Podi Lato Bicycle.


this bike is pretty convenient for daily use. it was created with a bicycle concept that can meet the requirements of all types of people. you can add an additional part to the bike that can be attached  to meet the special requirements of an individual such as a baby seat, double seat ideal for twins, mini container when shopping, an added seat for handicapped and many more. Finally, the two rear wheels and a broader seat are specially designed for people who are not able to maintain their balance during cycling.

it’s things like these that make the future look a little brighter 🙂

have a nice night!

– Lin.


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